About Human Connections

Human Connections is a premium agency based in London. Our team of Relationship Creators are all professional and qualified matchmakers. 

We like total ourselves Relationship Creators, we help you create and strengthen your relationships: 

  • Romantic by helping finding a partner;

  • Familial for healthy attachment;

  • Friends / Social - foster friendship to enrich your life;

  • Career - create fulfilling work relationships;

  • and the most important of all YOURSELF by discover your authentic self. 


With us, you are not part of an algorithm, you are unique. We will sit with you and we get to know you personally to find out what you think is most important in your ideal partner. In fact, our Relationship Creators will act like this friend that wishes you well and will support you offering you advice and guidance along the way. Your Relationship Creator will always be very happy to give you a nudge in the right direction if necessary.  

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Stéphanie Tumba is a multi-award-winning writer and entrepreneur with a background in global marketing.  


In 2016, she met Human Connections co-founder and matchmaker, Marie Kveldúlfsson, upon the launch of her relationship, dating, and divorce book called 100 Dates and a Wedding.  Marie being an expert matchmaker and Stephanie knowing London dating scene, they decided to join forces & skills and set up Human Connections (formerly Celest Connections).  

Stéphanie came with the concept of an affordable, private, exclusive club where successful professionals of all trades could find their other half.

These individuals needed a service where they could be introduced to exceptional partners in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner. 


Ever since Stéphanie trained as a matchmaker and gives talks about relationships and a variety of subjects around the globe. Her successful efforts have been featured on Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Forbes, Every Women, French Morning London, Thrive Global, Ici Londres, and hundreds of other publications.


"I am so proud to inspire others to get out of their phones and meet with other human beings. Connecting to a deeper level than just physical traits. I can't wait to see many singles around the globe find love through our service" Stéphanie Tumba