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Exclusive Matchmaking In London

1 - Give us a call on +44 20 7460 1252 for a quick chat or email us here.  It will take us a few minutes to establish if we may be able to help you.  


2 - After you complete a quick questionnaire, we then arrange to meet up for a complimentary consultation. We will get to know you further over a nice cup of coffee.  This meeting will take around an hour.  We can let you know how we work in detail and we can hear all about what you're looking for.  Please don't be offended when you are asked to bring an ID to this meeting.  We check everyone to be on the safe side.  


3 - If you like the sound of Human Connection and we genuinely think we can find you a perfect partner then we're in business. 


4 - There is a one-off joining fee of £2399 and a monthly fee from £24 depending on the level of membership chosen (from Bronze to Platinum Plus). After all the paperwork signed, here comes the fun part. 


5 - we arrange a professional photoshoot which literally transforms the acceptance rate of many of our members. We come along to your home with a professional photographer, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist. We bring professional cameras, studio flash lighting and the paraphernalia needed to produce a selection of high-quality photographs that will be used on your profile.  This service is included in our fees. You will also be able to have copies of the photos!


6 - It’s time for you to train us to be your best ally. Again, in your own comfortable surroundings, we will talk about your values, your personality, your background, and your interests. We will get these details upon our trademarked psychological based questionnaire. Upon this session, we will build a solid dating strategy based on the answers given. We have a stunning success rate and would love you to become our next success story! 


7 - Your first date: Human Connections organises the first 3 dates, you’re having with your match. Whether it’s a day of culture or an evening of fine dining, we organise everything based on your budget and tastes. 


Dating has never been that easy with Human Connections, you can go on with your busy life while our Relationship Creators work behind the scene to find you your other half. 

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