Do you want to know the 3 Big Mistakes Men Make When, We, Ladies Pull Away...

Ladies, when we pull away, it’s instinctive for men to chase us.

But sometimes this results on us pushing even further away.

It can be frustrating for men when things turn around. One day, we are sending flirty texts in the middle of the day, and available whenever they want to hang out, but all of a sudden, we can get distant.

We begin to take up to two days to reply to texts. And when men ask us to hang out, we have excuses like, “Ooh… I can’t make it; it’s my cousin’s birthday party today.” Our attitude catch men off balance and in their quest to get us back, we push her further away.

These 3 mistakes, for the most part, are instinctive to men, and as such totally understandable. Most guys have resorted to them at one point to get their women to pay attention to them again. Is a bad thing for us ladies, certainly not? Read on...

Desperate Confessions

When we pull back, the first mistake most men make is that they begin to confess their feelings. They assume, “If she only knew how I felt, she would stay.” Or, “If she only knew how much I liked her, she would like me back.”

For some reason, most men are convinced that when a girl pulls away from them, it’s because they didn’t make her feel like they liked her or took her seriously enough.



Explanation mode 😑

Imagine the following scenario: A guy gets asked to hang out by his woman on a Friday night, he declines. Instead, he decides to hang out with his friends ― maybe because of a really important baseball game, or something else.

One week later, all of a sudden his woman begins to pull away. Now, in the guy’s mind, he needs to find an explanation and a possible solution to this dilemma fast. And in his attempt to play detective and look through all the possible mistakes he must have made during the week, remember the case where he refused to go out with her.

He then launches into explanation mode. Instinctively, he begins to text her, saying things like “I’m sorry I didn’t hang out with you last week. I really wanted to, but my friends…” This, however, will most likely make us pull further away.

Pulling away as well

Bad idea 👎

When we start getting cold, some guys think we're playing a game, so they think, “I’ll get cold too.” So if, for instance, we take a day or two to reply to his texts, he reacts the same way.

Pulling away from a woman can work to an extent because unlike the other mistakes, it gives her some space.

But most men do it wrongly. How? They are too eager to hang out when we make REAL contact.

We will then understand that his pulling away was just a game. Boooo 😒

What about your experience?

How would you like your partner to act? Why do you usually pull away? Tell us about your story.

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