😍😚 These texts will make your partner melt for you 😍😚

No need to send nudes to drive a partner crazy about you...This is so 2010s!!!

Whether you're already in a relationship with him/her, or you're in the dating/pre-couple phase, you can get all the attention from this person by sending the right texts at the right time.

We have 5 texts that will make your man melt and thinking about you.  The "Escape" text

Forget the "Hi how are you", the flat and meaningless text. So boring!  To take control of a partner's mind, make him travel, stimulate his brain, force him to invest time and energy in the answer. Pick one of these examples to get him out of his daily routine. Don't be shy, even if it is random, who cares?  "If you had a superpower, which one would you choose?" "If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?" "If you had to choose a historical time to live in, which one would you choose?" The objective of these "escape" texts is to force one's brain to project himself in pleasant situations... and all that, thanks to you. :) The brain does not forget how these good waves feel, and your partner will ask for more and more... These also work in a first-time meet...  "Escape" texts are great to learn more about your partner. It's friendly and does not hurt. But, be prepared to answer these questions too! Stay tuned, for text number 2 the "I would love to".  Happy dating!

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