We all know breakups are the worst, but after a while you get sick of being sad and start flipping through Tinder. And then what? The dating scene is terrible enough, but when you’ve been in a relationship for the last year(s) you may not even know how it works anymore and Valérie Duval is a living proof of such experience, please ladies, read 100 dates and a Wedding to find out more and related.

Some people go straight into rebound relationships and some feel like they could never date again. When do you think is a healthy time to get back into the dating scene?

There is no set rule on time. It really depends on each individual and how quickly they recover, some people are very resilient and move on quickly. Other factors include the length of the previous relationship and also how it ended, e.g. if the split was acrimonious and one cheated it might take longer to recover from than if you drifted into more of a platonic relationship before it ended.

What advice do you have about using online dating or apps after a breakup?

Tinder is great if you are wanting some casual fun or dates. If you are looking to start a relationship again I would look to some of the other sites like Eharmony or Guardian Soulmates. But if you fee 100% ready and you are not feeling like swiping around and wasting your time, go and see a matchmaking agency which will do all the work for you and organise amazing dates with highly compatible partners. This may be helpful to the many people who are overwhelmed by having thousands of choices on a dating website.

How do you get yourself out there again?

Build up your confidence, remind yourself of all your great qualities.There’s no need to do it on your own too, if you are wanting some support contact a relationship coach.

Where do you meet new people if you’re not into online dating?

Matchmaking of course! Yet, if you do not have the budget yet, Human Connection Circle might be an option (please contact Human Connections to join this membership club for singles - only £29 / month for Founding Members)

Or simply hang out where the people you like are spending time, do things you love, make sure you also do things where the opposite sex are hanging out.

What dos and don’ts do you have for anyone who hasn’t dated in a while?

Take it slowly, have fun, date different people. If you are looking for a relationship again be clear about the character and values of the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with. Make sure you have reflected on your last relationship and why it didn’t work out and taken on board any learning that might be useful for your next relationship. Most of all be relaxed, playful, lighthearted. Romance blossoms when dating is fun and when people want to meet again…

Happy dating!

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