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Updated: Mar 27, 2020


Isolationship is the deep sense of connection to self and house mates developed after long periods of social distancing.

And for the first time since probably WW2, a

pandemic called Corona Virus is forcing most of Western countries to stay at home. We have entered into an isolationship era for an undeterminated period of time and this brings anxiety to most of us.

Isolationship can be scary as it forces you to introspect your actions, thoughts, priorities, and aspirations.

Nowadays, we are always thinking about something or someone else. We put so much thought and energy on other things and forget to apply this introspection on ourselves. The corona virus forces us to face our reality. Our real “us”.

Too many people are not living their dreams because they are helping someone else realising his or hers. They go every day in a job they barely like in order to “pay the bills” or they are with a partner because they “like them” or are “afraid to be single”.

Some will realise that they are not happy and satisfied in their current life. It is a very scary thing to admit and leads to anxiety and stress for some, maybe motivation or change for other, and for the luckiest people pure satisfaction.

What is your relationship with isolation? Time to reflect! Have an amazing week!

Human Connection Team


We are here to help you and have a variety of video-coaching packages to deal with this sensible period. Just get in touch.

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