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😍🤤 More Texts to get your partner salivating over you 😍🤤

Whether you're already in a relationship with him/her, or you're in the dating/pre-couple phase, you can get all the attention from your lover by sending the right texts at the right time.

We have 5 texts that will make your partner melt over you🤤 and thinking about you all the time.  And this week, we're going up in temperature with text number 2, “I would really love to…”

I know what you're going to say to me: "The guy I want to get is not really into this thing " or “My husband doesn't have too much imagination”. 

My answer to this: you SHOULD create all this  EXCITEMENT  yourself, and this kind of conversation is totally possible.  Even if your partner doesn't show it all the time, he loves sex and he loves it when the sexual excitement goes up.

He's just like you: he wants to vibrate.

Of course, you don't have to do in real life all the things you say in your hottest texts. It's just a tease to raise the temperature. You don't even have to use an erotic nor crude vocabulary: let his imagination do the work for you...

Innuendos and action verbs will help you take control of his brain: feel, touch, take, squeeze, blow, bite, suck, taste, lick, want, hold back... This is that simple! Have fun! 

Happy Dating!

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