Ready, Commit, Go...

My dear ravishing and dashing singles,

How can you tell if a someone online is serious about commitment…

And not just another waste of time?

I hear from beautiful and successful singles like yourself all the time about people who are immature or try to take advantage of them.

These "players" and player-ettte can be rude and overly forward or try to trick you…

And this annoys me because not only is this awful and a waste of time to all of these amazing Singles…

It gives a bad name to all the serious, honourable people online looking to find real love.

So how can you make sure you’re talking to a high-quality person who treats you with respect…

And is actually serious about commitment?

Here are my 3 best secrets for making sure the date you’re talking to online is only the highest quality:

1. Watch out for "online red flags"

There are certain warning signs you should watch out for when online dating:

1/ Mentioning the need of money (this is always a scam, no matter how sincere it sounds)

2/ Starting to talk about sex earlier than you’d like (not relationship-minded)

He or She complains or is rude (you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect)

If your person of interest is showing you any of these red flags, it is not a high-quality date. You deserve someone who’s always on his or her best behaviour and who only has good, honest intentions.

2. Create a "polarizing profile"

Think about a fancy restaurant that you know. The shiny silverware, the nice décor, the lovely atmosphere — all these these do 2 things:

A - Many people think the food there is really high quality

B - Many people won’t go there because they think it’s too expensive

With a good online dating profile, you should be doing the same exact thing. What do I mean?

Your profile should show you in the best light possible (think: your pictures, you bio)...

So that high-quality people are immediately attracted because they can see what an amazing person you are…

While players and playerette most of the time are repelled because they know you’re serious and are only looking for commitment.

3. Take things at the right pace

This is more especially true for you my ravishing ladies, the best way to make sure the gentleman you’re talking to online is high-quality is to go at a pace you’re comfortable with.

If he’s truly high-quality he has no problem waiting until you’re comfortable to meet up and have sex... Oui, oui...

And he doesn’t rush you into anything because he senses what a high-value woman you are.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ultimately try to meet in person…but it does mean you should only meet with a man who’s patient enough to deserve your time.


But how do you get a high-quality single to talk to you online?

Getting a really high-quality person to be interested in you online doesn’t have to be difficult:

All you need is a winning strategy already being used by thousands of people who are meeting their partners and spouses online.

Your strategy shall be tailored to you: your lifestyle, your character traits, your requirements. No strategy is the same and we are here to help.

Find out this "online strategy" when you click right here.

Happy Dating!!!

Human Connections London

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