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These Dating Techniques Won't Work During the Lockdown!!!!

Stop sabotaging your dating life !!!!!

As the pandemic we’ve been situated within for the majority of the year extends into an opaque future, it can be easy to grow hopeless when thinking about whether things will return to their previous states. Dating can feel difficult even during the best of times, so one shouldn’t be too hard on themselves if they feel their dating life isn’t going as planned currently. As countries across the world enter a new lockdown, here are dating techniques that won't work during the lockdown!!!!

1/ Taking two days to respond to a text....

Come on, everybody knows that you are bored at home.

2/ Playing Hard to Get
3/ Not showing Up as Your Authentic Self

4/ Filters and Other tricks to Make you Look Different

Well, here comes Facetime Dates... Should we say more?!?!

5/ The Bait and Switch Game

You will probably be playing this game alone or with the worse people to date on the market right now. All the confident and handsome singles won't wait for you. 🙃

6/ Unfaithfulness / Cheating

Unless your partner is a nurse (you b*stard!!!!), it might be difficult to get to cheat on her. All hotels are close and it's freezing outside!!!


When someone isn't interested in seeing you again, but they give you all of these little "crumbs" to leave you on the hook and confused — it's just not OK. "Breadcrumbing is worse than ghosting because it is a slow and painful death of a relationship.

8/ Going Quiet

Well, your match is gone! With someone willing to communicate and open up.

Next! Who do you think you are? 😒

Dating can be tough, but resorting to games is not the answer. The pandemic has turned us into emotional human beings closer than ever to our emotional and feelings.

At Human Connections London, we have noted an increase in men's chivalry and romance... Women serious about searching for a relationship are much more receptive to these romantic gestures than others. And it works, we seeing couple coupling 😍😍😍😍😍

So, ladies & gentlemen, if someone is still playing game with you during the lockdown: Get out!!! Get out now.

Happy Dating

Human Connections Team

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