Remember stanzas in poetry? A tercet has three verses, a quatrain has four verses, and so on so forth. What I suggest to you is to send short stanzas, unique sentences, that will blow is mind. No poem, s'il vous plaît!!! This is so 1850! It’s simple,  it does not even need to rhyme! You're going to derail his thoughts! He won't be able to focus on anything else but you.

Bonus tip: send the text on a date with him whilst in the lavatory but make sure to add his name so he does not think it was meant to someone else #awkward Some examples:

"Guess what I'm wearing right now... » "I can already imagine everything I'm going to do to you tonight... » The rule is to send only one sexy stanza. If he doesn't answer, don't text again, you might scare him... Happy Dating!

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