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Why do we have more sex in summer?

With the return of the sun, the temperature rises and desire increases. Everything becomes conducive to a rapprochement between the bodies. The moments of rest often turn into naughty naps. And the couple's libido is at its maximum. But why do we make more love in summer? We give you the psychological and physiological keys to explain the increase in the frequency of sexual intercourse during the sunny days.

In summer, your libido wakes up and you're in a naughty mood because you feel better about your body and your head.

The sunlight is stronger and it does us good. We sleep better, we eat better and therefore again we are in a better mood.

In addition, with the holidays, the routine is over! You are ready to test new things and give free rein to your fantasies.

The light boosts the libido

The sun has an anti-depression effect on your body. Its light generates serotonin. This hormone regulates your body clock and therefore your sleep, appetite and mood. You are in better shape, mentally and physically.

In addition, heat has a real impact on your body. "With the heat, the vasodilation (an increase of the blood vessels diameter) increases. Men have erections more easily and the women secrete more love juice (a liquid which occurs during sexual arousal)," explains French doctor Michèle Smadja , psychiatrist-sexologist.

Back to a seductive mode

As you feel better, your libido soars. You reconnect with seduction your partner and you want to make love at the same time.

The great seductress in you takes over. You no longer ask yourself questions and you have only one desire, to seduce your partner.

For singles, the summer period is also a good time to meet new people. Open-air concerts, festivals, popular balls, are perfect places for seduction.

“On a daily basis, singles devote 70% of their time to their professional life and to their friends. In summer, their schedule becomes lighter and they are much more available in their heads. Seduction takes an important place in their lives. They are ready to make efforts to meet new people, "adds the sexologist.

Feeling desirable

You are in tune with your desire, your sex drive and your body. Result: you are at the top of your sexual confidence. You feel more desirable than ever and you want to enjoy it. Your tanned complexion and your summer wardrobe also play a big part!

You accept your little faults better. You simply want to give pleasure and receive it. For Michèle Smadja, “in summer, the five senses are on alert. We look at the naked bodies, the skins touch each other, we let ourselves be carried away by the scents of summer, we are more in tune with each other and we want to taste new flavors. "

Take time for yourself and your couple

In summer, you have more time to spend. The stress of everyday life gives way to idleness. Your relationship as a couple is therefore more fulfilling.

Indeed, “the constraints of everyday life no longer encroach on the life of a couple. Each is more available to the other and finds the desire to seduce. The couple becomes a priority again ", explains the sexologist.

Break the routine

Who says summer, says vacation! As a couple or single, this is the perfect time to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. Far from the routine of the tube, work, sleep, you have new ideas to spice up your sex life. You want to test lots of things: making love in nature, in the pool, on the beach ...

During this enchanting break, each activity becomes an invite to enjoyment. You end up in the shower after a swim in the sea, you do without sunscreen on your body ...

All these little gestures excite you throughout the day, until the moment when you no longer hold on to them and you give in to temptation. The hardest? Keep that touch of sensuality when you get home.

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